Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chapter Thirteen: 8 months later

Sidney stepped off the bus in Philadelphia. There was a slight breeze that put a chill in the air. He drew in a sharp breath and lifted his pack onto his shoulder. They were playing the Flyers that night, and would be heading to the rink pretty soon. He was thinking about Diana and how he had left things back in Pittsburgh. They had gotten into an argument about something stupid, and he had stormed out with out kissing her goodbye or saying he loved her. The image of her tear stained face danced in his head, as he remember the last things they said to each other. He had grabbed his bag and opened the front door, turning to her he had grumbled "I'll see you when I get back Diana."

She responded with "Whatever, I don't care if you do or not." With that he had slammed the door and left. Coming back to the present, he ran his hand through his hair as he tossed his pack onto a chair in his hotel room. Dropping onto the bed he closed his eyes and sighed. He wished he could take it all back. He wished he could go back to that moment, wrap his arms around his wife and tell her he loved her. But he couldn't, the best thing he could do was make it up to her when he got back home.

Jordan broke into his thoughts with a slap on the leg. Sid sat up and looked at his friend. "Hey we're going down to have some breakfast, you wanna come?" Jordan said watching his captain intently.

"Yeah, sure I'll come along. I'm hungry." They laughed as they left the room and headed down to the restaurant attached to the hotel. They joined the rest of the boys at a bunch of tables that had been pushed together. After ordering they joked and talked, enjoying their time together. It was great being on the road, because it gave them a chance to have a real bonding experience. They were close, like brothers and it was important to have that time. Sid love being with his teammates, it was always fun and exciting.

"How's Diana doing, Sid? I bet she's ready for the baby to come out right?" James Neal said, laughing.

Sid nodded and smiled, thinking back to a few nights before when Diana had mentioned how she was 'soooo'  ready for the pregnancy to be over. "Yeah she's getting pretty uncomfortable. She seems to be in pain quite a bit, and the braxton hicks are really rough. Not to mention the little guy kicking the heck out of her."

"Well, it's not too much longer. Any day now right?" Geno commented as he chewed on a piece of bacon.

"Yep, any day. She says the sooner the better. Ha!" Sid grinned, and took a gulp of his orange juice. After breakfast, the boys piled onto the bus and headed to the rink for their practice. Sidney texted Diana, telling her he was sorry for their fight and that he loved her. Within seconds, he got one back saying, 'me too'.

He smiled and leaned his head back closing his eyes. His phone began to vibrate again, so he picked up and looked at it. It was Diana. He hit the talk button and answered, "Hey baby girl, how's it going?"

He could hear a low groan coming from the other end of the line. Sitting straight up, his voice took on a tone of concern. "Baby? What is it, what's wrong?"

"You need to come home Sid. It's time." His wife rasped as if in extreme pain. Suddenly she screamed and he heard a crash.

"DIANA!! Baby answer me!!!!" His teammates turned to him, eyebrows raised wondering what was going on. Seconds later his mom was on the phone.

"Sid come home! Come home now! The baby's coming, I had to call 911. Her water broke and she passed out. SID COME HOME!!!" The sound of a click, sent shivers of fear through his body.  Marc looked at him, worry all over his face.

"Sid what's wrong? What happened? Is Diana okay?" Marc Andre, watching his face as Sid jumped up and went up the the driver.

"Where are we? How far from the rink? I have to go, I need to get home. Diana..she...." He couldn't even finish, his voice strained with fear as he choked back the tears that were threatening to pour down his face. The last time he'd felt this terrified was when she was hit by the truck years ago. His heart was pounding fiercely in his chest.

The bus had just pulled into the lot of the rink. Sid flew off the bus and was about to hail down a cab, when Dan grabbed his arm. "Sid, what happened? I need to know what's going on. if you aren't going to play tonight then I need to know why."

"It's Diana, something happened the baby's coming and I have to go." He replied the tears he'd been fighting back finally starting to stream down his cheeks.

Diana screamed as the next contraction hit her. She clung to Trina, tears pouring down her face. She was sweating and panting. They had been in the delivery room for what seemed like forever. According to the clock it had only been about an hour. "I'm tired mum." Diana whispered, leaning her head against the wall. "I want Sid!" She choked back more tears as she said his name. Closing her eyes she prayed he would get there soon. She needed him to be with her. Nothing else mattered, just as long as he was there.

Just as another sharp contraction ripped through her body, she heard a familiar voice just outside the door. "WHERE IS SHE? I want to see my wife!" Suddenly Sidney burst through the door and immediately pulled Diana into his arms, caressing her back and kissing her between apologies and I love yous. She kissed him back, crying even harder. She was so happy he had made it.

The nurse came in and said she wanted to check Diana to see how far dilated she was. Sitting up on the bed, the nurse check her cervix. Smiling she looked up at the couple, "You're there, time to start pushing."

Sid looked down at his wife, as she reached out and grasped his hand in hers. She smiled at him weakly, trying to muster up some hidden strength. He gave her hand a little squeeze. "Here we go love." He said kissing her head. Her hand tightened around his as she began to push, pain shooting through her entire body. Trina stood beside her, wiping her forehead with a cool, damp cloth. Between pushes, Diana laid her head back,closing her eyes. Then she'd be right back to pushing again.

"That's it, you're doing great, one more good push and his head should be out. Come on honey, you can do it." Her Doctor encouraged, as Diana pushed as hard as she could. She screamed as she felt the baby's head slip out. Two more pushes and he tumbled out into the Doctor's arms. He was then immediately laid on Diana's belly, as she sobbed and touched his head gently with her finger.

Looking up at Sid, she saw his own eyes were filled with tears as he placed his hand on his first born child's head. The baby was screaming, and it was the most beautiful sound they'd ever heard. Sidney bent and kissed his wife, fighting to find words. "I love you Diana." He finally managed to whisper as he kissed her again.

After he was allowed to cut the cord, they took the baby and cleaned him up wrapping him in a little blue blanket. Diana and Trina smiled as Sid held his son for the first time. His smile was as big as the sky and tears streaked his face as he stared down at his child. He then walked over and kissed his mom on the cheek.  Diana's own face was streaked with tears as she watched her husband and their son.

"What are you two naming him?" Trina asked, peering at her first grandchild.

Sid looked at Diana. She smiled and nodded. "Acelin Troy." Sidney said proudly, as his wife reached up and pulled the blanket back so she could see her son. Sid sat on the chair next to her, and they sat there admiring the love they had created. He was beautiful, dark hair and olive skin. He was the perfect combination between the two. "Little Acelin Troy Crosby." Diana murmered as she bent over and kissed her son's forhead.

"It's a beautiful name, for a beautiful baby boy. Congratulations!"

Sid and Diana looked at each other with pride. "I love you Sidney." "I love you too Diana." And with that, they kissed each other and their son.

Chapter Twelve: The Summer of Love

Diana stood in front of the full length mirror, gazing at her reflection. Reaching up she twirled a curl around her finger and bit her bottom lip thoughtfully. Just then she caught Trina Crosby's reflection and turned to face her soon to be mother-in-law. Trina smiled and took her hands.

"You look absolutely stunning honey." She said, her eyes give Diana the once over. Smiling she hugged her, then stepped back to look at her again.

"Thanks mum. I'm relieved I'm not showing yet. It's nice not to have the bump under my dress." Diana laughed and turned back to the mirror, as Trina came and adjusted the flower in her hair. They both turned when they heard a quiet gasp from behind them.

Taylor Crosby stood in the center of the room gazing at her new sister. "Wow! Diana you're going to take his breath away!" She cooed.

The three women chattered to each other as they finished putting the final touches on their outfits. Taylor, who was a bridesmaid, was wearing a black and white strappy gown with gold accents throughout. Her hair was done up with curls hanging losely. Diana turned to look at her sister-in-law and smiled.

"You're all grown up Tay." She said hugging her. Taylor laughed and kissed Diana's cheek.

There was a soft knock at the door and Diana's dad, Antonio Ciccione poked his head in. When he saw his daughter, he came into the room and stared at her,  a tear forming in his eye and softly falling down his cheek.

"Oh papa! Don't cry! If you cry I'll start crying and I'll ruin my make-up!" Diana rushed over to him and wiped the tear from his face. Silently he hugged his only child tightly. Standing up  on tiptoe, Diana kissed her 6'6 father on the cheek.

"You're mother would be so proud. I only wish she was here to see you walk down the aisle. Tu sei bella!" He kissed her forehead and hugged her again. He then went and offered his hand to Trina, who smiled and hugged him. 

"We are family now Antonio." She said patting his cheek. Diana smiled at two of the people she loved the most. Just then another person she loved knocked and stepped into the room. 

As he saw her, Troy Crosby let out a gust of air. "Diana! I haven't seen a bride so beautiful since I married Trina." He grinned as he glanced at his wife, who smiled and blushed. 

He took a few steps and hugged Diana gently, not wanting to 'wrinkle' her. She laughed and playfully slugged him in the arm. She was so happy at that moment, having the people she loved with her. Her heart was overwhelmed with joy, and she couldn't wait to begin walking down the aisle toward the man she would spend forever with. It was the happiest day of her life.

Sid, stood under the arch that was set up in the backyard of their house in Halifax. Behind him the water was sparkling and boats were moving upon it. He kept tugging at his jacket fidgeting with the buttons. His best friend Jack Johnson laughed and patted his shoulder.

"Relax buddy. You're going to make yourself nuts. Take a couple deep breaths, it's all good." Sid smiled at him and returned the pat. 

"I know, I'm just...well nervous. I mean, I'm about to marry the love of my life. She's going to be Mrs. Sidney Crosby, Jack." 

"Yep, and it's going to be great. I remember when Kim and I got married. Do you remember that? I was nervous as hell, but hey it all worked out right? Just be grateful it isn't raining." They both laughed, as the minister walked up to them to let them know everything was ready. Sidney nodded and started fidgeting with his buttons again. Jack grabbed his hand and gave him a playful slap. 

"Stop that!" He teased.

James Neal walked up, buttoning the last button on his jacket. "It figures Sid. Of course you'd make me wear this stuffy suit in this cursed hot weather!" He grumbled grinning at his team mate, friend and captain. 

"Well it just wouldn't be right not to make you suffer with the rest of us." Sid replied, hugging him.

The three men, along with Geno and Jordan stood there talking. They were waiting for the bride and her attendants to come out. Sid looked up to see his parents coming down the path, and sitting in the front row. They both smiled at him and he returned the smile with a wave. It was really nice to have them right there. Everything was going beautifully, and he couldn't wait until Diana began her walk down the aisle toward him and their future. 

The minister reappeared and stood to Sidney's right. Just as a light breeze began to blow, Sid watched as the flower girl and ring bearer began their walk down the isle. He smiled as he watched the little girl spread flower petals across the aisle. His smile grew larger as he saw Taylor walking toward him. He couldn't believe how grown up his little sister looked. His mind replayed images of when she was little. That little girl was gone and in her place was a beautiful young lady. He felt a jolt of pride as Taylor smiled at him. 

Finally as the bridesmaids and maid of honor made their way down the aisle, everyone stood and turned to watch Diana make her way toward her future husband. Sid's heart caught in his throat as he stared at the radiant woman coming towards him. Her arm was hooked on her fathers, both of them smiling. He felt Jack nudge him gently, and heard him whisper, "she looks beautiful." Sid nodded, but didn't take his eyes off his girl. 'She's gorgeous.' He thought to himself.

After the minister's speech and their vows which they had chosen to write themselves, the minister smiled and addressed the bride and groom. "With the power vested in me by the holy father in heaven, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may Kiss your bride." 

Sid took Diana in his arms, bending her back slightly and kissed her with all the passion he could find. Everyone clapped, as the minister turned to the guests. "Ladies and Gentlemen it is my great pleasure to introduce you for the first time, to Mr and Mrs. Sidney Crosby!" 

Sid looked down at his wife and smiled. It was the most amazing moment of his life. She was truly his forever, and nothing felt more right. 

Chapter Eleven: The Ultimate Prize

This was it. The game they'd all been waiting for. It was game six of the Stanley Cup finals between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Carolina Hurricanes. As the Pens got read in the locker room, it was abuzz with sounds of the players, coaches and staff. Everyone was anxious to end it. If they Penguins won this game, they had the cup. Sid sat on the bench putting his gear on. His mind was racing with all the thoughts of what was happening. If things worked out the way he hoped, he'd be winning so much more then the cup.

He looked up as Dan came and sat down beside him. "Sid, I know that you have more riding on this win then the rest of us. I also know how badly you want this to work out for you. Let me give you a piece of advice, regardless of what happens today, I still believe you need to ask her tonight. It's been long enough and the time is right. Either way, I know she'll say yes. So let me also be the first to congratulate you."

Sidney smiled at his coach. "Thanks Danno. That means a lot to me. I'm really nervous about asking Diana to be my wife, but I think it'll all work out. Right now though I need to get my head cleared and in the game. I need to win this one for her."

After patting him on the back, Dan got up to address the team.

"Alright guys, this is what we've been working hard all season for. Get to our game and keep the pressure on. We can do this! I want you play your hardest out there, but also have some fun alright? Sid, you Duper and Kuny are starting, you guys ready?"

Sid, Pascal and Chris all nodded, smiling at their coach.

"Alright, let's go get them!"

They headed out of the locker room and down the run to the ice. As they stepped out, the crowd rose to their feet, cheering and screaming for their Pens. Sid shook his head slightly and stretched a bit. He was ready. After the Anthems were sung, his eyes wandered up to the VIP once again, searching for his girl. He found her right where he knew she'd be, as always watching him. He gave a little wave and got in position for the puck drop. This was it, time to play. His mind on the rewards awaiting him.

By the end of the second period, it was tied 3-3. In the locker room, the boys were restless. The Hurricanes had been fierce, desperately trying to force the series to game seven. Sid sat there talking to Duper, Geno and  Tanger about their strategies for the third period. He'd envisioned different scenarios in his mind, and relayed them too his team mates. They nodded as they listened, then gave their own opinions and input. It seemed they were all on the same page.

"We have to drive it to the net. No matter what, we need to stay focused, get open, get to the net and create chances. We have to make this one count. This is it guys. No sitting back on our heels. They're going to come out vicious and hungry. We can't allow them to get chances in our end. Tanger, I want you to be extra hungry out there in the third. Let's do this guys!"

All three nodded, Tanger giving Sid a slap on the shoulder. "Got it Sid, we got this!"

The third period was rough. Both teams desperate to win. The Hurricanes fighting to force game seven, the Penguins to end it and win the cup. It was a fight for their lives so to speak. But for Sid it was so much more. Winning the cup was his engagement gift to Diana. He need to win it, his heart depended on it. Nothing else would be good enough, it was the cup or nothing.

Diana stood in the VIP watching her boys fight to win the game. Her heart pounded in her chest, and at times it felt like it would jump right out. She wanted them to win the cup so badly it hurt. Nothing else mattered but to watch the love of her life hoist it over his head in person. It meant everything to her, to have a chance to share that moment with him. She worried that something was bothering him. He hadn't been himself the last two days. Trying to shake it off, she cheered for her man and her team.

To the frustration of both teams, the game went into overtime. Diana sat down and drank a glass of water. She was tired and her body ached with the pains of pregnancy. Her breasts were sore and her nipples stung as her shirt brushed against them. Leaning back she closed her eyes and sighed. Only 8 months to go. It seemed like an eternity to her at that moment. Her thoughts fell on Sid, everything he must be feeling at that moment. All the anxiety, frustration and hope he was holding inside. They HAD to win this.

Her eyes snapped open when she felt a hand settle gently on her shoulder. Looking up, her eyes met the kindness of Mario's. Smiling she sat up and turned toward him as he stepped around to the front of her chair. "Hi Mario, how are you?"

"I'm well, and yourself?" Mario smiled softly as he sat down next to her.

"A little tired and sore, but otherwise I'm alright. It's quite the game."

"Yes it is. It should be an interesting overtime period."

Diana nodded in agreement, then stood up once again to watch the puck drop. As the clock wound down, it seemed like hours had passed. She leaned against the wall, her energy seeming to drain out of her. Just then Neal passed the puck to Sid, and he took off toward the Hurricanes end. she stood straight up and leaned on the barrier. "GO SID GO GO!!!!" She shouted as loudly as she could...her heart slammed inside her chest as he spun away from a hit and weaved his way through the Hurricanes players.

Turning to his backhand as he approached the net, he shot the puck. Diana clutched her throat as the puck sailed past the goaltender and into the net. She screamed and Jumped into the air. Turning, she threw herself at Mario, her arms wrapping around his neck as he hugged her back. Tears of joy streamed down her face as they hugged. On the ice below Sid was drowned in his teammates. Gloves, sticks and helmets were flying everywhere as the crowd stood on their feet and cheered. They'd done it. The Penguins had won their fourth Stanley Cup!

Diana ran out of the VIP and headed out toward the run leading to the ice. She stopped at the end, and waiting watching as they brought out the cup. She grinned as she watched the festivities. Her heart was bursting with pride for her team, and especially for Sidney. She crossed her arms as she watched Sid skate up  to accept the cup. She noticed he had tucked something into his pants as he skated away from the bench. 'I wonder what that is." She thought to herself as she listened to the commissioner give his little speech.

Sidney smiled at the commissioner and nodded as he took the mic. Diana cocked her head to the side wondering what he was doing. He should have been taking the cup right then. Her eyebrow went up as he lifted the mic and spoke.

"Now I know this is a little different right now. And I'm sure you're all wondering what I'm doing. Why the hell isn't he taking the cup, you're asking yourselves. But the thing is there is something I have to do first. Diana were are you? Can you come out here please?"

Diana didn't move, shocked at what he was doing. But then she started to walk toward the ice, Geno met her at the ice and helped her step onto it. Guiding her toward Sid so she wouldn't slip. When she stopped next to Sid he looked at her, his eyes shining and a big smile on his face. She looked at him questioningly.

"Baby Girl, when we first met I knew that I had to get to know you. I didn't realize yet that you would bring me so much love and happiness. Every moment we've shared together has meant more to me then anything. A million Championship rings couldn't compare to the passion and love I have for you. You are my world,  my everything. Winning this championship was more for you then myself. I did it for you, for us and for our child you are carrying. Before I hoist this cup, there's something I need to ask you."

Sid got down on one knee and pulled a little black case from his pants. Diana's hands went to her mouth as tears welled up in her eyes. Looking down at him, she began to cry. He opened the box revealing the most beautiful ring she'd ever seen. Holding it up with one hand he brought the mic to his mouth once more.

"Diana Ebony Ciccione, will you make me the happiest man on earth and the luckiest man in the universe by becoming my wife?"  He looked up at her, his eyes filled with love and hope.

Taking the mic, Diana struggled to compose herself. Tears poured down her cheeks and spilled onto the ice as she took his hand and gently tugged at it, getting him to stand up. She looked up at him and gulped back the sobs that were threatening to come up from her throat.

"Sidney, you know that I love you more then anything else. Everything you are, is everything I need and want for the rest of forever. I couldn't imagine a life without you. So to answer your question, yes. Yes, Sidney Patrick Crosby I will be your wife."

Geno snagged the mic from her hand as Sid slid the ring on her left hand ring finger. The building erupted with applause as they threw their arms around each other in a passionate embrace. A couple whistles were heard from the crowd as Sid bent his head down to kiss her. Then he stepped back and turned to the commissioner.  After the picture was snapped, Sid hesitated the cup resting in his hands. Diana looked at him like 'well, aren't you going to lift it up?'

He smiled and beckoned her over to him. As she stood by his side, he said "I want you to lift it with me. This is as much yours as it is mine."

Diana stared at him in shock. Geno suddenly skated over and picked her up around the waist. He held onto her as she took one end of the cup, looking at Sid holding the other end. He nodded and together they hoisted the cup above their heads as the crowd cheered and screamed their names. Tears streamed down her face once again, as She looked around her. Finally she let go of the cup, so Sid could skate around with it. Geno set her back down, and she turned to hug him. Softly she whispered "Thank you Geno."

He nodded, then skated toward Sid, who handed him the cup. After Geno took off with it, Sid skated over to Diana and slipped his arms around her waist. Kissing her nose, he lifted her up on his hips as she wrapped her legs around him. Smiling he kissed her again. They just stood there for what seemed like hours. The team started to head back to the locker room to open the champagne and celebrate.

Sid Skated off the ice, Diana still wrapped around his waist. He put her down and they headed to the locker room. They were greeted with a huge spray of champagne as they came through the door. Diana began laughing as the boys all gave her hugs. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. After Sid drank from the cup he turned to Diana. "You're turn baby girl." He said grinning at her. She smiled and put her hands on either side of the cup. As Sid helped hold the cup she sipped the champagne. Sid grabbed her and kissed her passionately as the media snapped pictures.

Sid took her hand and pulled her away from everyone, so they could be alone for a minute. Putting his arms around her, he kissed her nose and said "I love you Diana. I will love you forever, I promise you that."

Diana smiled, nipping playfully at his bottom lip. "I love you too Sidney. But wouldn't you rather be over there celebrating some more with your reward?"

Sid grinned at her, pulling her tighter against him. Kissing her, he laughed and whispered against her lips, "Baby, you're all the reward I need."

Friday, March 11, 2011

Chapter Ten

Jordan walked to the end of the hallway and peered around the corner. Looking back, he nodded that the coast was clear. No one was around. He jogged back to where Diana was standing and smiled down at her. "Are you sure this isn't going to take long? I don't know how  long I'm going to be able to hold off anyone."

"Trust me Staalsy, this won't take long. It'll be quick I promise. Just try to stall anyone if they try to come in okay?" Diana winked and walked past him toward the locker room.

She quietly slipped inside, knowing that Sidney would be alone. She tiptoed towards the showers, hearing the water running. Everyone had been gone for a while after the practice, but Sid had stayed later to chat with some fans and sign autographs. Diana leaned against the wall, watching Sid finish shaving. When he turned, he nearly jumped.

"Jesus Diana! Don't sneak up on me like that! What are you doing here?" Sid placed his razor back on the board and stood in front of her, a towel wrapped around his waist.

Diana's eyes swept down his body, as she licked her lips hungrily. Finally she met Sid's curious gaze. "I have always had this fantasy. so I decided since you were alone, it's time to fulfill it."

Raising an eyebrow, Sid crossed his arms over his chest and studied her face. Unsure of what she meant, but getting the feeling it was naughty, he stayed silent waiting for her to explain. Diana smiled and stepped closer to him, a sultry look appearing on her face. She bit her bottom lip, as she reach out and snatched the towel from his waist leaving him naked in front of her.

Sid uncrossed his arms and pulled her against him. He slid his hand underneath her skirt, and noticed she wasn't wearing anything under it. His mouth widened into a grin as he finally realized what she was planning. He bent his head down and thrust his tongue into her mouth, causing her to groan and press against his now fully aroused cock. His kiss was hard and rough. It took her breath away as she reached up and put her arms around his neck.

Reaching around her, he grabbed her ass in his hands and lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her over to the bench, then set her on her feet. Diana stood there watching him, waiting to see what he planned to do. He took her by the shoulders and spun her around to face away from him. Then he pushed her onto the bench, kneeling on it with her legs spread and her hands pressed against the wall.

He then stood behind her, placing one hand on her shoulder and flipping her skirt up revealing her tight round ass. Suddenly he thrust his cock deep inside her, making her gasp. His grip on her shoulder tighten as he fucked her hard and fast. Slamming into her like a charging bull. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, muffling her groans as much as she could.

Sidney grunted as he pounded his cock deep inside her womanhood, causing her juices to gush down his cock. "Fuck! God Diana!!" He moaned, closing his eyes, his other hand holding on to her hip. He let go of her shoulder and grabbed her hips tightly as he explode in orgasm inside her. "FUCK!" He groaned again. He stumbled backward, almost losing his balance. She stood up and turned to face him, fixing her skirt.

"God Damn it! That was fucking good!" Sid gasped, trying to get air into his lungs. Diana followed him over to the sink as he washed himself off, then picked up his towel to dry himself again. He then turned to her, grabbing the back of her neck and kissing her roughly. She smacked his ass, then turned and walked out of the locker room. She smiled at Jordan as she passed him. "See you later Staalsy!" She purred as she walked out of the building and got into her truck.

A few seconds after Diana left, Sid came out of the locker room. Jordan stood there staring at him as he came up to him. Sid looked at him with a curious expression, his eyebrow raised.

"What the hell are you doing here Staalsy?" He asked quizzically.

"I was keeping an eye out for anyone trying to go into the locker room. Diana had asked me to stall them. What exactly were you two doing....wait never mind I don't want to know. I'm going home, see you tomorrow Sid." Jordan gave him a laugh and a smirk then headed out to his car.

Sid shook his head, then walked out to the rover and headed home. As he drove, he couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened. It was incredible, no! Phenomenal. She had been ravishing and he hadn't been able to control himself. He had become an animal and truth be told, he liked it. God the things that girl did to him! Smiling, he replayed the memory in his head over and over. He couldn't wait to get home, so they could continue what they'd started. He planned to make love to her all night, and in every room in the house. Diana was going to be begging for more and they both would enjoy every second of it.

Chapter Nine

Sidney could feel the energy of the crowd from the locker room. They boys were getting ready to step on the ice for their third game of the Stanley Cup finals against the Carolina Hurricanes.  They were 1-1 in the series and both teams were hungry. He couldn't help but smile to himself  when he thought of how hard they'd played to get here. Once again they were faced with the challenge of trying to come out on top and hoist their trophy in victory.

This time was different though. Because this time, Diana was there to cheer him on. His heart fluttered as images of her smiling entered his mind. He wanted this so bad he could feel it! He wanted to win it for himself, his family and his fans. But most importantly, he wanted to win it for Diana. Everything was counting on winning the cup. Nothing matter more then this. Sid knew everything had to be perfect and he prayed it would all work out the way he'd hoped.

After a pep talk from Dan, the team headed out to the ice. He was energized and felt his confidence grow as he heard the crowd chanting for their Penguins. He looked up at the VIP to see Diana standing in her usual place, smiling down at the boys as they stepped onto the ice. Seeing her excitement made him even more determined to with the cup.

When the first period ended, they were tied 2-2. Back in the locker room, Sid was only half listening to Dan. His mind was focused on the second period. He visualized everything in detail. This was a crucial game. Just one more win closer to the coveted prize, not to mention closer to asking the single most important question of his life. They had to win. Shaking himself into the present, he grabbed his stick and headed back out with his team to start the second period. His focus staying in the game and their next step.

Sidney was still feeling the high of their win over the Hurricanes as he fielded questions from the media. His smile was permanently imprinted on his face, and he couldn't wait to get out of their so he could hug his girl. As soon as the media finished, he quickly showered and changed. He left the dressing room and headed down the hall to find Diana. He hadn't gotten far, when suddenly she had her arms around him kissing him passionately. Her eyes were shining with pride and her smile was ear to ear as she looked up at him.

"I'm so proud of you Sidney!!! You were fantastic out there tonight!" Diana gushed kissing him between words.

He smiled and kissed her back, his arms pulling her tightly against him. They turned around and headed for the rover in the parking lot, their arms around each other. It had been a sweet victory. They had managed to squeeze one more goal in, with two minutes left in the third period winning the game 3-2. It felt good, but Sid knew that it was going to feel even better very soon.

Just as they got to the rover, they turned at the sound of someone shouting Sid's name. James was jogging over to them, carrying something in his right hand. When he got to them, he grinned and looked at each one in turn. "Hey Diana! Sid the guys and I got something for you and Diana. We hope you guys will like it. I wanted to give it to you now, but don't open it until you get home okay?"

He handed Sid the wrapped box, then smiled said his goodbyes and jogged back to his car. Diana looked at the gift then up at Sid who shrugged and smiled. "I don't have a clue!" He said laughing. They got into the rover and headed for home. On the ride to their house, they talked about the next few days and then discussed their summer plans. Everything was so good at that moment, it seemed nothing could dampen their spirits. It was a great feeling.

Later, they sat in the living room wondering what was in the box that James had handed to them. Finally Sid picked it up and looked at Diana. "Well I guess we should just open it." He said with a laugh. Diana nodded as he started to peel off the paper. Once the wrapping paper was off, he slowly opened the top of the box...and pulled out the little ornament inside.

It was a Porcelain Penguin statuette. On the base, the words 'World's Greatest Parents'. Sid looked up at Diana and saw the tears starting to well up in her eyes. He put the gift down and pulled her into his arms. She laid her head against his shoulder a tear dripping from her cheek and creating a wet spot on his shirt. Sid silently massaged her back as she wept.

"Are you alright Diana? What is it?" He placed a finger under her chin and turned her face to look up at him.

"Yes. I'm just so overwhelmed. This is the most beautiful gift I've been given. They are so sweet to do this for us. I love those guys." She sighed and wiped the tears from her cheeks. She felt silly for crying, but she couldn't help it. What the boys had done was so sweet.

Sid nodded and looked down at the ornament. "Yes it is. I love them too. I feel lucky to be able to play hockey with those guys. They always make things fun and interesting. They are all great men."

Just then Sid's phone rang. Looking at the number he saw that it was James. Answering it, he put in on speaker. "Hey Nealer, what's up?"

"Did you guys open it yet?" There was a hint of excitement in his voice. Sid smiled and looked at Diana.

"Yes, Nealer we did. It's beautiful. That's very sweet of you guys to do that for us. We love it. Thank you so much!" Diana responded smiling back at Sid.

"Awesome! Glad you guys like it. And you're welcome, you two are worth it. Besides we all think you guys are going to make awesome parents! I just wanted to check up and all that good stuff!"

"Thanks Nealer! Have a good night okay? We'll see you soon." Diana laid back against Sid as he wrapped his arm around her again.

"Bonne nuit!" With that, James hung up. Sid sat the phone down beside him and kissed Diana's forehead. 

Diana had decided to place the ornament on the shelf near the TV in the living room, so that visitors would be able to see it. After eating a quick supper, they headed to bed. The next few days were going to be busy. It was an exciting time for them. 

Sid put his arm around her as she curled up against him, pulling her closer. He could smell her perfume, and inhaled softly. God he loved her scent. Kissing the top of her head, he gave her a little squeeze. He loved how she fit into his arms so perfectly, as though she was made to be there. Diana kissed his neck, then nuzzled into the curve where his neck met his shoulder. They fell asleep wrapped in each others arms, happy and secure in their love.

Chapter Eight

Sidney laughed as Jordan cracked a joke, then tossed a french fry at him. The boys were out to dinner, the night before their away playoff game against the Canadiens. Marc Andre was sitting next to Jordan and gently slugged him in the shoulder. It was a great night, they were in good spirits and feeling positive about tomorrows game. They were laughing and having a good time. It was like family, they all were close and cared for one another as if they were brothers. In a way that's what they were. Sid looked over at Geno who was saying something in Russian. Of course none of the guys really knew what he was saying and looked at him like what?

"Jordan needs to shave his back, you could braid that shit." Geno said, smirking at Staalsy. Everyone laughed. Staalsy just stuck his tongue at Geno and replied "You need a haircut! Get rid of the giant mop on your head!"

Just then Sid's phone started to vibrate. He pulled it out of his pocket and saw Diana's name. "Sorry guys I gotta take this, one sec." He got up and walked away from the table to a quiet corner.

"Hey baby girl, is everything okay?" He answered, trying to hide the worry that was creeping up  in his voice.

"Oh yeah, I'm just fine. Where are you? I'm at your hotel, I came to surprise you. But they said you guys went out." Diana's voice had a hint of mischief in it. Sidney smiled at the thought, she had come to surprise him.

"You're in Montreal babe? I'm eating with the guys, but we're pretty much done. Let me pay my bill and I'll head right over there. I'll see you soon!"

He walked back over to the table just as the waitress came up. He asked for his bill, then told the guys he was heading back to the hotel. "Diana came up to surprise me. She's there now, so I have to go."

They all smiled and Jordan whistled. "Gonna get some lovin' are ya Sid?" He said, a mischievious smirk on his face.

Sidney laughed and grabbed his jacket. After paying his bill,  he jogged the two and a half blocks back to the hotel. He saw her the moment he entered the lobby. Diana stood there with her back to him, looking up at a painting on the wall. She was wearing a little black dress, her legs bare and strappy heels on her feet. Sid's eyes gazed down her body and stopped on her strong legs. They looked so soft and smooth.

Diana turned around as he approached her, smiling when she saw him. Throwing her arms around his neck, she kissed him over and over. Sid wrapped his arms around her waist and gave her a gentle squeeze. He was so happy to see her. It was a beautiful, pleasant surprise.

"What are you doing, you silly girl!" He said with a laugh as he kissed her nose.

"I missed you, and I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to come see you." They gazed into each others eyes for a moment. Then he pulled away and grabbed her bag that was sitting on the floor next to her.

They made their way up to his room where he tossed the bag onto a chair. Then he turned to her. "My room mate's just gonna have to bunk somewhere else tonight." He said with a grin as he pulled his girlfriend to him.

He began to slowly kiss her neck, making his way down to her shoulder. Diana moaned softly, as he slid the strap of her dress off her shoulder. Just then, a quiet knock fell on the door. Sid looked up as his room mate Jordan Staal poked his head in.

"I figured you two were in here. Looks like I have to find another bed tonight huh Sid?" Jordan said with a chuckle. Sidney and Diana smiled as Jordan came into the room and began gathering up his stuff. After he had got his things together, he smiled at the two lovers. "It's all good, I figured this before we left the restaurant so I asked Jimmy if I could crash in his room. Have a good night you two." With a wink, he left the two of them alone once more.

Diana turned back to Sid and smiled. "Well Mr. Crosby, what do you suppose we should do now that we are alone and will be undisturbed?"

Gathering her in his arms once more, Sid began to kiss her neck again. "I can think of one thing that would work." He mumbled against her skin. His hands slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders, his eyes taking in her body as the dress slid to the floor. He smiled and moaned as she pressed against him. He could feel himself becoming aroused, his cock pressing tightly against his jeans.

He continued to kiss her, as she reached out and began to undo his jeans. He kicked off his shoes and sent them flying across the room. Diana tugged his jeans and boxers down, and as they fell to his ankles she began to stroke his cock with her hands. He groaned loudly, kicking his jeans away.

Diana pushed him backward until he fell backward into a chair. She stood in front of him, her naked body looking soft and supple. Her breasts were engorged from being pregnant and they were perked up, perfectly round and sensuous. Sid reached up and cupped them in his hands, his fingers gently playing with the nipples. Diana closed her eyes and moaned at his touch. He grabbed her by the hips and gently lowered her down so she was straddling him on the chair. The tip of his cock teased her clit as she rubbed against him. he could feel the wetness of her womanhood against his cock.

Taking her right breast in his mouth, his tongue played with her nipple as she placed her hands on his head, her fingers entangling in his hair. She pressed his head against her breasts, as he sucked and kissed them. Pulling his head back, he bent hers down and kissed her face. Starting with her forhead, then moving to each eyelid, down the cheeks, her nose then kissing her chin and finally his mouth found hers; his lips hungrily pressing against hers, their tongues dancing together with a fiery passion.

She began to unbutton his shirt, then began to kiss her way down his neck and chest. He moaned and bucked  underneath her, the tip of his cock entering her for a brief second. She helped him pull off his shirt, leaving his chest completely bare for her nails to rake across his muscles. His biceps bulged as he wrapped her hair around his hands and roughly pulled her back into a heated, forceful kiss. Diana groaned against his mouth, her nails finding his shoulders and digging in.

"Fuck Yeah Diana!" Sidney cried out as she suddenly slammed her womanhood down, swallowing his cock. "Oh God baby! You're pussy feels soooo fucking good!" He groaned, holding her tightly as she slid up and down his cock, slowly increasing the pace. Her nails dug deeper into his shoulders as he reached down and placed his hands on her hips.

She cried out, as he slammed his cock roughly up into her. Throwing her head back, she screamed his name. Her body convulsing with pleasure and ecstacy. She came over and over as he fucked her hard, her nails drawing blood from his shoulders. His breath heavy as he continued to bring her down onto his cock, pounding deep into her with so much force, it felt like he would tear her in half.

"FUCK! I'm gonna cum baby!" Sid cried out, and with one last violent thrust he released deep inside. His cum gushing violent up into her womanhood then spilling out over her thighs and down over him. They sat there for a minute, catching their breath. Then they got up and went to take a shower together.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chapter Seven: Third Series of the playoffs

Diana hugged Mario as he came up to her in his VIP box. Smiling she asked him how he was doing, to which he replied "still alive and kicking." She laughed and nodded in agreement.

"That's always good to be alive for sure." She took her seat and turned to talk with him while they waited for the National Anthems.

"How have you been feeling Diana? Has the morning sickness eased off at all?" Mario looked at her once again with concern in his eyes. He had kept tabs on her since they had found out she was pregnant, calling her every day to make sure she was okay. He felt protective of her, as though she were another daughter. It was the same love he had for Sidney. To him Sid was like a second son. He wanted the best for them both.

"Not too bad lately. It comes and goes. I'm alright though, thanks for asking Mario." She patted his arm gently and smiled. She felt grateful that he cared about her and the baby.

Rising for the National Anthem, Diana's eyes searched out Sid on the ice. As usual his head was bent forward, his forehead resting on his helmet. Smiling she gazed at the love of her life, the pride she felt for him bursting through her heart. He worked so hard for moments like these, for the chance to be so close to the coveted cup. He deserved it, and she wanted it so badly for him.

At the puck drop, Diana cheered loudly for the team, "LET'S GO PENS!!!" Throughout the whole first period she barely sat down. Her excitement and love for the game keeping her on her feet, yelling and cheering on her boys. Mario had to tell her to settle down before she hurt herself on more then one occasion that period. But, he always said it with a smile.

At the first intermission, the Penguins were trailing 2-1. It had been a fast paced exciting period and they had played hard. Diana was waiting outside the locker room for Sid. A few seconds later, he came out; he had taken off his pads and jersey but still had his pants and underclothes on. Diana smiled as he walked up to her, the tight underclothes pressed against his muscular body accentuating every line, every muscle. He was big and strong and she loved it.

"Hey baby girl. How are you feeling?" He asked kissing her forehead.

"I'm fine hun. Good first period, you guys played really well. Now you need to come back in the second and get back that last goal."

"I know, we just have to keep to our game." Sid placed his hand on her belly. She watched him silently as he rubbed it gently. "For good luck." He said looking up and smiling. Diana laughed and hugged him before he kissed her one more time and headed back into the locker room.

This, like all other playoff games was a very important one. The Penguins had lost their first game of the series 4-2. It had been a hard loss and the boys were feeling the pressure of trying to stay in the running. Sidney hadn't been sleeping well the last couple nights, and Diana worried that he wasn't getting enough rest between games. They needed to win this one. She silently said a prayer as she headed back up to the box to join Mario and Natalie for the second period.

In the locker room, the team was buzzing about the first period. discussions of plays and how they would handle the second period were going on all around the room. Sid chugged down some water then sat back and rested his head against the wall. Closing his eyes, he ran through the first period in his mind. Then he envisioned the second. It was going to be a challenge he knew. But he had faith in his team, they could do it. 'Just get to our game, keep going north. Get the puck to the net, drive the puck.' He repeated silently to himself. He was tired, but tried hard to stay focused.

Just then he felt someone standing over him. Opening his eyes, he saw Jordan Staal standing there looking at him. "Everything okay with Diana?" He asked, sitting next to Sid on the bench.

"She's alright. It hasn't been too bad lately. Thank God!" Sid replied, picking up his pads and beginning to put them back on.

Jordan nodded, "That's good. Does she have any idea you are planning to propose?"

Sidney smiled and shook his head. "None."

They finished getting their gear back on and headed back out onto the ice after a brief, but positive message from Coach Bylsma. As he stepped onto the ice, Sid looked up towards Mario's VIP Box and waved at Diana. He smiled when she waved back, then headed to the bench for the beginning of the period. Geno would take the first shift in this period, which was just as well. Sid was tired and needed the extra rest.

Halfway through the second period, Pascal Dupuis got a break away. He shot across the ice with Sid and Kunitz right behind him. He shot the puck hard and it screamed past the goalie Carey Price and buried itself in the back of the net. Sid screamed and jumped on Pascal patting his helmet in congratulations. The score was now 2-2. It stayed that way until into the third period. The game was close, and both teams were showing signs of frustration. However, unlike the Penguins who seemed to somehow find a second wind during the second intermission, the CanadiƩns were showing signs of fatigue. The Penguins saw this as an opportunity to put them away in the third. But try as they might, the puck didn't seem to want to go in the net. Carey Price was standing tall in his net, and it was looking like it would go into overtime.

Sure enough, the period ended and overtime was set up. Sid took off his helmet and whiped his forhead with a towel. His gaze went to the VIP Box once again, where just like the whole game, Diana was standing watching him. She blew a kiss to him, which he "caught" with his hand and placed it on his lips. Somehow that simple gesture from her, helped him regain some energy. They had to get this win.

A minute and a half into overtime, Canadiens Mike Cammalleri stole the puck from Eric Tangradi in neutral ice and flew down the ice into the Penguins zone. Kris Letang threw himself to the ice as he shot the puck. He swore as it sailed over his leg and through Marc Andre Fleury's legs into the net. Sid hung his head in defeat. They lost. The second game of the series gone. They were now down 2-0 in this series.

Back at their house, Sid was quiet. Diana stared at him for a few minutes hoping he would say something. Finally she walked up to him and placed her hands on his shoulders. As she massaged them, he reached up and took her hand. "It's okay Sid. You guys will get the next ones. You'll win this series I know it."

He tugged gently on her arm until she came around the chair and stood in front of him. Looking up at her, Sid pulled her closer and kissed the back of her hand, then the palm. "I know baby girl. I'm just really tired and frustrated. I really wanted that win."

Diana held his hand, silently watching him as he ran his fingers along hers. "It's just one game Sid. You guys still have a chance to get back into this."

Letting go of her hand, Sid looked at her with anger flaring in his eyes. "One game is all it takes to lose the whole series! This is the playoffs for FUCK SAKES!!"

His words and the anger in them stung her like a bee. She stepped back from him as though he had struck her, tears welling up in her eyes. Sidney had never spoken to her like that before, and it scared her. When he saw the tears start to pour down her cheeks, he stood up and took a step toward her. His heart lurched in his chest. 'Shit! What did I just do?' He thought to himself. He reached out for her, but she pushed him away.

"I didn't mean it like that Sidney and you know it! I know this is stressful and frustrating for you. It is for me too, but we can't lose control. That won't help anything. I didn't mean to upset you. Maybe I shouldn't have said that, but I didn't deserve to be yelled at!! So I'm sorry that I ever said anything at all, I was only trying to make you feel better."

The words came spilling out of her mouth before she could stop them. Once they started, they seemed to have a mind of their own.

"Diana, I...."

"I don't care right now Sidney Patrick Crosby! That really hurt!!! I'm tired and I'm going to bed. You can just sit here until you calm the fuck down! GOOD NIGHT!!" She turned on her heel and ran out of the room, tears still streaming down her face. He watched her go, jumping a little when she slammed the bedroom door.

Slumping back onto the chair, he leaned forward and put his head in his hands. 'How the fuck could I talk to her that way?' He asked himself. Running his hands through his hair, he sat there wondering what the hell had gotten into him. He had never spoken to her like that before, and it was killing him that he'd hurt her that way. He could nearly feel his heart break when he saw those tears fall down her beautiful face. Her gorgeous, brown eyes filled with hurt at his sudden anger. Seeing that pain on her face, tore him apart inside.

Finally he got up and headed to bed. When he glanced at his watch he realized he'd been sitting there for over an hour. He got undressed, then crawled into bed. Diana was facing away from him on her side. Gently he reached out and put his hand on her arm. Leaning forward he kissed her and whispered, "I am so sorry Diana. I never meant to talk to you that way. Please forgive me! I love you baby girl."

Slowly she turned towards him, her face still streaked with tears. "I know you didn't mean it. You're frustrated, I know that. But you have to understand that I'm not the enemy here Sid. I'm on your side. I do forgive you, but you have to promise me you will never speak to me that way again. I couldn't handle it."

"Baby, I swear to you I will NEVER do that again. I can't bare the thought of losing you. I love you more than life itself Diana Ebony Ciccione!" He didn't move as she turned all the way around to face him.

Diana studied his face. Every line, every mark. He was so handsome, and in her heart she knew that she could never stay angry at him for long. "I love you too Sidney! You know I do, and you also know that you will NEVER lose me! I promise you that."

She gently pushed him on his back, then cuddled against him and like so many nights before laid her head on his chest as he wrapped his arm around  her and pulled her tightly against him. Soon they were both asleep, off in dreamland, dreaming of the Stanley Cup, their baby and the rest of their life together.

Chapter Six

Diana set the plate of bacon and eggs down in front of Sid. He smiled when he saw she had plated them in the shape of a smiley face. Looking up at her, he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her onto his lap. She giggled as he kissed her neck. She loved these mornings. When Sid was home and they could spend a couple hours in bed together snuggling, then have breakfast together. Not having to worry about him going to practice.

After breakfast, Diana opened up her lap top and began working on her next project. She had publish the first two books in a children's series and was writing the next two. As she began typing, Sid came in and kissed her.

"I'll be back in a little bit, there's something I have to do."

Looking up at him she smiled. "Okay hun. I'll see you when you get back."

Sid grabbed his wallet and keys and headed out the door. As he drove, he started thinking back over the last two years. They had been the happiest of his life. Everything they had been through, including Diana's accident and recovery. His fear of losing her during that time just making his desire to keep her stronger. All the memories good and bad. Their occasional fights, the day she moved in with him. It was all a beautiful dream, only it wasn't a dream it was real. They had such passion, such magic and he knew it would only grow stronger, deeper. As he pulled into the Jewelry store parking lot, he smiled to himself.

He had decided a long time ago he was going to marry her. There was no doubting that. Now, he felt the time was right. They were having a child and he wanted everything to be perfect. The clerk looked up as he walked in and smiled.

"Ahh, Mr. Crosby! Good morning to you!" He said cheerfully.

"Good morning. I got your message last night. So I'm here to pick it up."

Sid leaned against the counter as the clerk went into the back to get the ring. He returned quickly carrying a little black box. Gently he pulled it out and opened it up revealing the beautiful, white gold, diamond ring set. Sid carefully took out the engagement ring and examined it. It was perfect. The diamonds shimmered brightly. he smiled as he placed the ring back in the case.

"She's going to love this." Sid said, looking up at the clerk. "Is it possible to get a separate case for the wedding band?" He asked.

"Certainly, for you anything!" The clerk reached under the counter and pulled out an identical case, then placed the wedding band inside it. He then placed the case in a box and taped it shut.

After the rings were packaged up. He handed them to Sid and smiled. "She's one very lucky lady."

Sid smiled back, "Actually I'm the lucky one!" He replied, then he thanked the clerk and left. His heart was signing as he got back into the rover and headed for home. He had planned out the proposal perfectly. The only trick was to get to the finals and win the cup. It had to be perfect, only the best for his baby girl. As he drove home, he grabbed on of Diana's cds. he popped it in the player and turned up the volume. He changed the song to play "That kind of beautiful" by Emerson Drive. It was a song that Diana loved, and it made Sid think of her every time he heard it.

He pulled into the driveway and shut off the rover. He sat there for a minute, looking at the ring and thinking about where he was going to hide it so Diana wouldn't find it. Then he smiled. He had the perfect hiding spot. Sid then got out of the rover, hitting the auto lock button and headed into the house. As he closed the front door he could hear Diana on the phone. He walked into her office and saw her leaning back in her chair chatting to what sounded like her friend Nickie.

She looked up and smiled at him. Sid walked over and leaned against the desk, watching his girlfriend as she chatted away. After a minute he left the room to go hide the ring. Kneeling down in the closet, he reached into the back corner and pulled out a duffel bag. he opened it up and pulled out another smaller bag from inside it. 'She'll never look here.' He thought to himself as he placed the box with the ring inside and put the bag back into the duffel bag. Just as he replaced the bag at the back of the closet he heard Diana's voice behind him.

"Nickie said to tell you hi. What are you doing?"

He stood up and turned around to face her. She was standing in the middle of the room with her arms crossed. Sidney, sauntered up to her and smiled. "Nothing baby girl. don't worry about it."

"Do you want to go for a walk with me?" She asked slipping her arms around him.

He laughed and kissed her nose. He loved how quickly she changed subjects. Her randomness always made him laugh. It was one of those quirks that were just so cute. "Sure, Sammy could use a walk too."

At the sound of  her name, Sid's big golden retriever Samantha, who had been laying on the bed, lifted her head her ears perking up. Diana and Sid laughed and went over to scratch and pet her. Sammy followed at their heels as they left the bedroom and headed to the entry way. After getting on their shoes and attaching Sam's leash to her collar they left, locking the door behind them. It was nice out, a gentle breeze blowing the tops of the trees. There was a really nice dog park close by, so the decided to go there and let Sammy run around for a while. Once they got to the park they took her off the leash and she immediate darted over to another dog who was playing close by. Sid and Diana sat down on a bench and he put his arm around her pulling her closer to him.

As they watched Sammy playing, Diana leaned against him and sighed. "What's on your mind love?" He asked.

"I was just thinking that in the next few years we'll be watching our little one playing." She looked up and Sid with a twinkle in her eye. Smiling he kissed her gently and squeezed her arm.

"Yes we will, and I'm looking forward to every second, every memory." Diana kissed his nose, then laid her head against him. For that moment nothing could get in the way. Everything was as it should be, beautiful and right. All was good and right in the world, at least for that moment. But in the end, it was those moments that really counted.

Chapter Five

On the plane back to Pittsburgh, the boys were in great spirits. Having succeeded in sweeping the first series of the playoffs, they were anxious to get back to the Burgh and get ready for the second series. Because of the quick sweep, they were going to have a nice resting period. A day off to get rested and see their families, then it's back to practice and working toward their next victory. Sidney was more relaxed and felt at ease. Staalsy and Geno were trying to keep his mind off Diana and everything that was going on. Finally  he decided to get some sleep. He was tired and looking forward to the road ahead.

It was late when they landed in Pittsburgh. Sid immediately turned on his phone. He had a voicemail from a local Jewelery store. It said that the ring was ready for him to pick it up whenever he had time. He smiled to himself as he remembered going around to different places and looking at engagement rings. He had finally found the perfect ring for Diana. It was a white gold set, the engagement ring had a 1.5 ct heart shaped diamond in the centre with two smaller diamonds on each side. It was perfect, just like Diana. At least in his mind she was; perfect for him. It was a beautiful ring, but it didn't do her justice. To Sid, nothing could compare to the beauty Diana possessed, inside and out.

After arriving home, he quietly entered the bedroom, careful not to wake Diana who was sleeping soundly in their bed. After getting undressed he stood over her, just watching her sleep. 'She's so beautiful when she sleeps.' He thought to himself. He slowly crawled into bed, laying on his back with his arm behind his head. Diana began to stir beside him. He turned to look at her, as she raised her head and smiled at him.

"You're home." She said sleepily.

He leaned toward her and kissed her head. "Yeah, I'm home. I didn't mean to wake you love."

Diana smiled and wiggled closer, stretching her leg across his and laying her head on his chest. He put his arm around her and began to gently stroke her body with his finger tips. She snuggled in closer, and smiled.

"It's okay babe. I don't mind. I'm glad you did, because I can see you. You were wonderful tonight. I'm so proud of you. And before you ask, yes I did see your message to me at the end."

Sid smiled again, knowing that she would. He closed his eyes as she began to trace her fingers across his chest. She began to press her body against his, causing him to moan deep in his throat. He opened his eyes and looked down at her as she started to softly kiss his chest, moving over it slowly and sensually. Diana stopped, looked up at him and smiled. He could see the look in her eyes, it read 'Make love to me Sidney.'

He started to sit up, laying her back gently against the bed. For a moment he just knelt there, looking at her naked body in the moonlight shining through the blinds on the window. He was already fully aroused, and her eyes trailed down his strong body and stopped at his erect cock. When she looked back up at him, he lowered himself gently onto her, his hands tracing the curves of her body. She moaned underneath him, arching her body upward as he covered her mouth with his own, his tongue exploring her mouth hungrily.

Sidney gently nudged her leg with his knee, and she opened them allowing him to settle inbetween them, his cock rubbing lightly against her clit causing her nest to become wet. He groaned as he felt her juices start to drip against his cock. Diana wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, pulling him against her.

"I want you in me now!" She growled quietly into his ear.

With a groan he entered her. His cock disappearing deep into her womanhood. She moaned his name, as he thrust slowly and gently into her, her arms still wrapped tightly around his neck. Once again his tongue slid inside her mouth, tasting every inch as his cock became soaked in her juices. Diana arched her hips upward with every thrust, pulling him deeper. Her fingers digging into his shoulders, as he made love to her.

Their bodies began to shimmer in the ray of light as they began to sweat. "Oh God Diana!! It feels so damn good to be inside you! You're so warm and wet." Sid Growled against her ear. She moaned loudly pressing her body hard into his, her nails digging into his skin. He cried out in ecstacy, slamming his cock hard and deep inside her womanhood. They looked at each other, their eyes locking. He could tell she was close to orgasm, so he held the pace. Diana moaned and writhed beneath him, suddenly she cried out as she climaxed, her nails digging even deeper into his skin.

Sid could feel the gush of her juices pour over his cock and down both their thighs. He let out a deep, low groan from his throat. Even after her orgasm he didnt' stop. She clung to him, her breath haggard and heavy. His own breathing heavy and scattered, he continue to thrust into her. Diana suddenly pulled his head back down to hers, hungrily finding his mouth nipping gently on his bottom lip. He could feel his sack begin to tighten, and knew he was close to orgasm.

"Cum for me baby! Cum inside me Sidney, Please!" Diana cried out, wrapping her legs around his waist, drawing him even deeper.

He let out a loud violent groan as his sack exploded, pour his cum deep into her womanhood. He collapsed down onto her. His breath slowly starting to return to normal. Diana began to gently run her fingers across his back, causing him to squirm from the touch. They lay together like that for a few minutes, then Sid propped himself up on his arms and looked down at her. She smiled up at him, but didn't speak. She didn't have to, her eyes said everything. Diana loved him in a way no else ever could. She would do anything for him, even die for him. He knew it.

Sidney was her world, her everything. She would never love another, and knew that her heart was forever his. He was the one, she knew it and so did he. He softly stroked her hair, smiling down at her his eyes shining. He couldn't believe how lucky he was. That this amazing woman had chosen him and now she was giving him a child. Their love for each other was eternal and unbreakable. Sidney kissed her gently, then rolled off onto his back. Once again Diana, cuddled against him laying her leg over his and her head on his chest.

Placing his arm around her once again, he took her chin in one hand and turned her face upward towards his. "I love you Diana. I always will."

"I love you too Sidney. Forever." She stretched up and kissed him. Their lips burning with passion. Then she laid her head back on his chest and closed her eyes. Sidney, laid his head back and closed his eyes, images of her naked body shimmering in the moonlight still fresh in his mind. Smiling he gave her a little squeeze.

"Good Night Baby Girl."

"Good Night Angel."

Chapter Four

Sidney was quiet as he got geared up for the game. His team mates noticed he'd been distracted since their last game against the Capitals. Finally, Jordan Staal walked up to him a look of concern in his eyes. "Okay Sid. What's going on? You've been really quiet and somewhat distracted. Everything okay?"

Sid looked at his buddy and sighed. Shaking his head he sat down and began tying his skates. "Yeah everything's fine Staalsy. I've just got a lot on my mind right now. With trying to get this next win and advancing, and with everything that's been going on with Diana. It'll be okay, I'm just worried about her right now. I really hated leaving her alone this last time."

Jordan nodded and sat down beside his captain. He didn't speak for a moment just sat quietly pondering what he was going to say. "What's going on with Diana? We all heard that she fainted at the last game. Is she alright? It's nothing serious is it?" He turned to Sid, waiting patiently for him to finish tying his skate.

"No it's not serious really. She's fine. It's....she's pregnant Jordan." Sid sat straight up and looked him right in the eye, unsure of how he was going to respond.

Jordan's eyes widened in surprise. His mouth opened but he didn't speak. Running his hand through his hair he let out a big gust of air. "Wow, Sid. I don't know what to say. Are you guys happy about this or? It's pretty unexpected."

Sid nodded, then he smiled. "We are happy about it. I'm going to be a dad which is something I've always wanted. The thing is, Diana has been really sick the last little while. She can't seem to keep any food down. It worries me. I was really scared to leave her alone, but I had no choice. Nickie promised to check in on her while I'm gone, but I just can't get it off my mind."

He sat there with his hands in his lap, staring at the floor. Jordan patted his shoulder and told him it would all work out and things would be just fine. Then after a quick congratulations, he went to finish getting dressed. Sid sat there for a minute, hoping that Jordan was right and that everything was going to be okay. He honestly didn't know what he would do if he lost Diana. He thought losing her would make him feel incomplete, as if part of him was missing. He'd be so lost without her. 

As they stepped onto the ice, Sid tried his best to shake the thoughts of Diana from his mind. He had to focus at the task at hand. Winning their fourth and final playoff game and moving on to the next round and the next team. Once again, as in so many games before he faced one of his biggest rivals, Alex Ovechkin. This game was so important, and the Capitals were desperate. Sid knew he had to be at the top of his game tonight. 

With a silent prayer and a deep breath, he got ready for the puck drop. He won it back to Kris Letang and away they went. The game was incredibly fast, before he knew it they were up by two and the first period had just ended. He'd managed an assist on a goal by James Neal and had made some good plays to help set up another goal from Evgeni Malkin. As he sat in the locker room with his team mates, a few of them came to offer congratulations on Diana's pregnancy and offered words of support. 

Sidney listened as Head Coach Dan Bylsma talked to them about what they need to do in the second to continue their lead and have a chance at winning the game. He reached into the pocket of his jeans for his phone and checked to see if Diana had messaged him. There were two new messages. He read them quickly, one was just Diana telling him good luck, she loved him and she was cheering him on. The second was Diana again, only this time it said she was having a moment of sadness and she missed him. she apologized and said she loved him so much!

He felt a tear sting his eye as he read the second message. He quickly fired off a reply, telling her not to feel sorry. He missed her too, and he loved her more then life. He'd see her soon. His heart hurt knowing she was alone at that moment. He felt somehow he had let her down in some way. But that couldn't be helped right now. He had a game to win. As they headed out for the second period, Sid made a promise that he would not only win this game, but he was determined to win the Stanley Cup for his love. Somehow he had to find a way to win it for her, Diana. The only one who made everything worth living for.

During the second period, he was a beast. Always moving and forcing his way around everyone. No one could stop him. It was as though he'd taken on an extra form of power. He was invincible. Two more assists and another goal. He was flying all over the ice, everywhere at once it seemed. Sid didn't know how he was doing it, but he felt a huge adrenaline rush serging through his body. He didn't know exactly what it was, but it felt good. He was determined to win this. His team mates were feeding off his energy. They too were pushing themselves beyond their limitations and exploding with power and force. It caught everyone, especially the Capitals off guard. It was beautiful, it was magical.

By the third period, they were leading 5-3. They knew the Capitals were going to come back hungry and extremely desperate. The third period was high octane. Hits were happening all over the place. Everyone was restless and desperate to end this. The Capitals were ruthless, trying their best to catch up and push it into overtime. With just over a minute left in the game, the Capitals had managed to make the score 5-4 they were one goal away from overtime and saving themselves from elimination. 

Chris Kunitz came up the left with Sid flying up the middle into the Capitals end. James Neal flanked Sid on the right. Chris had the puck and protected it against the boards waiting for Sid or James to get into position in front of the net. Sid tapped his stick and yelled for Chris to pass it. He did and Sid sent it wailing toward the net. Blocked by a Capital, James got the rebound and shot it towards Sid. Once again he found the puck with his stick and slammed it toward the net. The goaltender went down as the puck slid inbetween his legs and in. 40 seconds later, the game was over. 

The team erupted with cheers, all of them piling onto the ice and hugging each other as the Capitals left the ice, their heads hung in defeat. They'd done it. The Penguins had defeated the capitals and were advancing to the second round of the playoffs. A sweep of the series. Sidney managed to escape the grasp of his team mates and found the camera next to the rink. Knowing Diana was watching, he looked right into the camera and said "This is for you baby girl! I love you." 

Chapter Three: Two weeks Later - First round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

          Diana  looked down at the players warming up, her eyes following Sidney’s movements. She was sitting with Mario and his wife Natalie up in their box at the Consol Energy Centre, waiting for the game to start. It was the third game of the first round, the Penguins coming off wins in both first and second games. They were playing phenomenally well and she was anxious for this one. It was going to be tough, but she had faith in her boyfriend and his team.

Mario leaned toward her and tapped her shoulder. Turning towards him she smiled. “Yes?”

“Is everything alright?” The look of concern on Mario’s face startled her.

“Yes of course. Why do you ask?” Diana replied a little surprised at the sudden question. Mario was studying her face, as though he was trying to decide if she was being completely honest or not.

“Are you sure? You seem…distracted.”

She hesitated, trying to figure out how to respond. She shifted in her chair uncomfortably, feeling suddenly vulnerable. “I’m just nervous and anxious is all. I’ll be fine. But thank you for your concern Mario.” Diana managed a smile which seemed to satisfy him as he sat back and began talking to Natalie.

Diana sighed, and turned back to the ice. They were just getting ready for the National Anthems. When they stood for the singing, she clutched the back of her seat. She felt ill and was afraid she might collapse if she didn’t hold on to something.  After the drop of the puck, she excused herself and went into the private bathroom just behind the VIP box. Splashing water on her face, she could hear the crowd cheering on their Pens.  She looked at her reflection and grimaced at how pale she looked.

After a few minutes Diana returned to her spot but instead of sitting she stood leaning against the wall her right hand gripping the edge of the barrier that separated the box from the seats below. Her left hand lay gently on her stomach almost as if to keep it still. She could feel Mario’s eyes on her but didn’t dare look at him.  She knew he didn’t believe that she was okay, yet he wouldn’t say anything. Mario would leave it up to her, whether or not she would say anything.

Forty two seconds into the third period, Sid won the face off and went straight to the net as Matt Niskanen controlled the puck. Matt saw Sidney tap his stick on the ice and shot it through the opposing defence men right onto Sid’s stick. With a swift spin-o-rama, Sid let the puck go, watching as it sailed above the goaltenders shoulder and into the back of the net. He fist pumped the air as his team mates skated to him in congratulations.

Diana grinned and shouted “YES!” as she watched her man celebrate his goal. It was his second goal of the game and he already had an assist. The score now at 4-1 for the Penguins,  Diana was ecstatic. She hoped the team would continue to battle for the rest of the period and keep the opposition away from their goalie Marc Andre Fleury.

Just then, Diana slumped against the wall, a wave of nausea and light headedness rushing over her. Without warning, everything started to go black and just before she passed out, she felt Mario’s powerful arms grab her to keep her from hitting her head. Then, darkness.

When she awoke, she was laying on a couch in Mario’s private suite, Natalie sitting next to her a cold cloth on her forehead. Natalie turned toward the other side of the room. “Mario, she’s awake.”

Dr. Burke was also there, standing with Mario talking in low hushed tones. Diana tried to sit up as they came toward her but Natalie gently pushed her down. “No sweetie stay still. You fainted.”

“What happened? How long have I been out? Is the game over?” Diana’s head was swimming with confusion. She couldn’t remember how she had passed out or what she was doing. All she could remember was that Sid had scored his second goal of the game then nothing.

“It’s alright, you fainted. There’s just over two minutes left in the game. You’ll be fine though, I promise.” Dr. Burke, smiled and gently took her wrist to feel her pulse. Then he sat down on a chair beside the couch and looked at Diana with concern.

“How are you feeling right now Diana?” He asked

“Okay I guess, a little sick to my stomach, but I’m okay.” Diana looked from the doctor, to Mario to Natalie all of whom were staring at her with concern on their faces. “What? Why are you all staring at me like that?” She asked, becoming frightened.

Dr. Burke turned and asked Natalie and Mario if they could give the two of them a few seconds alone. They nodded and left the room. Mario poked his head in a second later and said they were going to watch the last two minutes, then Mario would go and summon Sidney. After he left, Dr. Burke turned once again to Diana.

“Diana, when was your last period?”  He asked calmly, looking intently at the young woman laying on the couch.

          Diana’s head began to spin. Suddenly it all made sense; the nausea, the mood swings, the dizziness. Her eyes widened as she stared back at the doctor. “I…I can’t remember.” She said quietly.

“I think maybe you should head to the hospital after Sid is changed and everything and get a pregnancy test. I have a feeling that you’re pregnant.” Dr. Burke, rested his hand on her shoulder. His eyes showed kindness and concern.

“I suppose you’re right. I’ll go, but how am I going to explain this to Sid?” Diana was worried that he’d be upset. She wasn’t sure how he was going to react if they confirmed what she was pretty certain she already knew.

“Don’t worry about that. Mario assured me he would explain it all to him, on their way up here. Everything will be fine. Just one thing, you need to eat better. That’s most likely why you fainted. Take better care of yourself Diana.”

Diana nodded as she slowly sat up. She sat there for a minute after Dr. Burke left thinking about what this all meant. She hoped that Sidney would be okay with this. More then anything she hoped the doctor was right and that everything would be fine. She could hear the buzzer signalling the end of the game, followed by the eruption of cheers from the crowd as the Penguins had won their third playoff game in a row. One more to go and that round was theirs.

She was standing by the sink with a glass of water when Mario entered the room, followed by a very worried Sid. He rushed to her, gathering her in his arms and pulling her tightly against him. She responded by wrapping her arms around his waist and laying her head against his chest. She could hear his heart pounding hard against his rib cage.

“My God Diana! Are you alright? You aren’t hurt or anything?” His eyes were filled with fear as he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her repeatedly. She closed her eyes and sighed at the touch of his lips against her skin. She loved how soft they were, she loved being so close and being able to take in his scent.

“Yes, I’m alright Sidney. I promise. Did Mario explain everything?”

“He did. We’ll head to the hospital right away. No matter what happens, we’ll deal with it together. I’ll never leave you Diana. I promise. I  love you.” Sid kissed her mouth once more then pulled her against him. Her arms tightened around him as she laid her head back against his chest. They stood there holding each other for a few more minutes. Then after saying thanks and goodbye to Mario and Natalie, they walked out hand in hand to the rover and headed over to Allegheny General.

Chapter Two

Chapter Two:

Diana looked up from the stove as Sid walked into the kitchen, his hair wet and dripping from his shower. He was shirtless, his jeans unbuttoned and his feet bare.  She smiled at him as he came toward her his arm wrapping around her waist and kissed her on the forehead. Turning back to the stove she tasted the sauce and reached for the spices.

“Smells good. What ya cookin’?” Sid ask leaning against the sink , his arms crossed over his chest.

“Linguini with homemade pesto and spinach and cheese stuffed chicken breast.” She replied, opening the oven to check the chicken.

“Mmmm! I love your stuffed chicken!” Sid’s hand came out and swiftly swatted her ass playfully.

Diana jumped and gave him a teasing glare. Laughing he grabbed her and pulled her into his arms. She pretended to struggle for a second, then sighed and kissed his nose.
Pulling away, she turned back toward the stove.

“How about you make yourself useful and get out some plates and utensils for me?” She said grinning at him.

Sticking his tongue out at her, he turned and did as he was asked, pinching her ass as he passed her. When he finished, he stood there leaning against the counter watching her. He loved to watch her around the house. It didn’t matter what she was doing, laundry, cooking anything. He felt happy to stand there and watch the woman he loved going about her business. The more he watched her, the more he loved her. Diana was his world, and he couldn’t imagine his life without her in it.

While Diana finished preparing supper, setting the table and placing the candles, Sid went over to the wine racks and picked out a red to go with the meal. As he set the bottled on the counter he heard a gasp come from behind him, then “Shit!” Turning toward her, he saw Diana heading towards the sink gripping her finger in her hand.

In two swift strides he was next to her, grabbing her hand and looking down at the quickly forming blisters. He turned on the cold water and pulled her hand under it, letting the water run over her fingers. Diana bit her lip and fought back the tears forming in the corners of her eyes as her fingers throbbed from the burning pain.

“It’s okay baby girl. It’s not too serious, you’ll be okay.” Sid pulled her into his arms, his fingers brushing away the tears rolling down her cheeks. Her lips quivered as she laid her head against his chest.

Finally, she pulled away and told him she was going to bandage her fingers. He nodded and kissed her before she walked out of the room. Bracing himself against the sink he let out a huge sigh. Hearing her gasp had almost stopped his heart. Lucky for her it was only a small burn. But he remembered a day when it had been much more. As he uncorked the wine, he thought back to that day. It was hard to believe it had been a year already since he had very nearly lost her.

His mind ran through the events of that day like a movie. Diana was meeting him at The Olive Garden, and had called to tell him she was running a bit late. When she finally arrived, she stepped out of her car smiling and waved at him from across the parking lot. He had reciprocated her smile and wave, then started towards her. Everything from those next fifteen to twenty minutes was almost a blur.

Sidney had watched in horror as a truck spun out of control and headed straight for Diana. Breaking into a run he had screamed her name, as he watched the truck strike her flipping her up into the air. Sid closed his eyes as he recalled that moment. Tears stinging his eyes. God how horrible that had been. His heart had jumped into his throat, as he dropped to the ground pulling her into his arms.

“Sid? Are you okay?” Her soft voice broke into his thoughts, bringing him back to the present.

“ Yeah baby girl. I’m alright, I was just…never mind. How’s your finger?” He managed a weak smile, hoping she wouldn’t see the pain in his eyes.

Diana shrugged and told him it was okay. She then took his hand and they went to sit down to supper. The meal was delicious, and they talked about his road trip and what she had been doing while he’d been away. Her laugh always cheered him up, no matter what was going on. He loved to hear her laugh, and noticed that her eyes would light up every time she smiled. Watching her, as she told him about her shopping trip with Vero, Marc Andre’s girlfriend, he couldn’t help but smile. God she is beautiful! He thought to himself.

After the meal was over, they cleared up together. These were the moments Diana cherished the most. The times when Sid was home and they could just be together, just the two of them. Going about their day, laughing and talking was precious to her. Every moment counted, because she knew soon he would have to leave again and she would once more be alone to wait for his calls and miss him. She was so proud of him and all he had accomplished in his life, but at the same time it was difficult to deal with his schedule.

Later that night, they cuddled on the couch watching TV. Diana lay curled up in his arms, her head resting on his shoulder. He played with her hair, twirling the strands around his fingers. As they sat there, she couldn’t help but feel a little sad. The next month was going to be hectic, with the playoffs in full swing and Sid busy with practice and games. Sighing out loud, she nuzzled into his neck, feeling his hand freeze on the nape of her neck. She looked up to see him staring down at her, his eyes full of concern.

“What’s on your mind love?” He asked, shifting a little so he could wrap his arms around her more securely.

“It’s nothing, I’m just thinking about the playoffs is all. I’m excited but at the same time, I know it’s going to be so stressful. I guess I’m just a little sad.”

Sid reached up and cupped her chin between his thumb and forefinger. He gazed into her eyes silently for a moment, almost as though he was reading her thoughts. Diana fought to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall. Her lip quivered as Sid gently tilted her face up and kissed her softly.

“I know it’s always a hard time for you Diana. I wish it wasn’t, but I know that it can’t be helped. You know I love you, and I always will. You mean everything to me, but it’s what I do, what I love to do. It’s a lot of sacrifices for both of us. Don’t think for a second that it’s any easier for me to have to leave you. Because it isn’t.”

She couldn’t hold back the tears any longer and as they came pouring down her cheeks she reached up and threw her arms around him, burying her face in his neck. He held her quietly as she sobbed, her body shaking gently. Nothing in the world mattered to her more then him and his happiness. He was her world, her heart and even when it pained her, she had always kept silent about how hard it really was when he had to go.

Diana had never told him about all the sleepless nights. All the times she cried into her pillow, missing him to the point she felt her heart would burst. She couldn’t tell him how she truly felt deep inside sometimes, for fear she would lose him. She wanted him to be happy, and knew he wouldn’t be without hockey. So she stayed silent, bottling up the heartache and the loneliness.

Finally she pulled away and began to wipe the tears away. Softly, Sid reached up and brushed the tears from her face, his eyes never leaving her. He knew she was hiding something, but he couldn’t figure out what. It pained him to see her hurting. When she hurt, he hurt. It was like a  knife stabbing through his heart. He never asked, but he silently wished she would just confide in him. That she would just tell him what was bothering her.