Friday, March 11, 2011

Chapter Nine

Sidney could feel the energy of the crowd from the locker room. They boys were getting ready to step on the ice for their third game of the Stanley Cup finals against the Carolina Hurricanes.  They were 1-1 in the series and both teams were hungry. He couldn't help but smile to himself  when he thought of how hard they'd played to get here. Once again they were faced with the challenge of trying to come out on top and hoist their trophy in victory.

This time was different though. Because this time, Diana was there to cheer him on. His heart fluttered as images of her smiling entered his mind. He wanted this so bad he could feel it! He wanted to win it for himself, his family and his fans. But most importantly, he wanted to win it for Diana. Everything was counting on winning the cup. Nothing matter more then this. Sid knew everything had to be perfect and he prayed it would all work out the way he'd hoped.

After a pep talk from Dan, the team headed out to the ice. He was energized and felt his confidence grow as he heard the crowd chanting for their Penguins. He looked up at the VIP to see Diana standing in her usual place, smiling down at the boys as they stepped onto the ice. Seeing her excitement made him even more determined to with the cup.

When the first period ended, they were tied 2-2. Back in the locker room, Sid was only half listening to Dan. His mind was focused on the second period. He visualized everything in detail. This was a crucial game. Just one more win closer to the coveted prize, not to mention closer to asking the single most important question of his life. They had to win. Shaking himself into the present, he grabbed his stick and headed back out with his team to start the second period. His focus staying in the game and their next step.

Sidney was still feeling the high of their win over the Hurricanes as he fielded questions from the media. His smile was permanently imprinted on his face, and he couldn't wait to get out of their so he could hug his girl. As soon as the media finished, he quickly showered and changed. He left the dressing room and headed down the hall to find Diana. He hadn't gotten far, when suddenly she had her arms around him kissing him passionately. Her eyes were shining with pride and her smile was ear to ear as she looked up at him.

"I'm so proud of you Sidney!!! You were fantastic out there tonight!" Diana gushed kissing him between words.

He smiled and kissed her back, his arms pulling her tightly against him. They turned around and headed for the rover in the parking lot, their arms around each other. It had been a sweet victory. They had managed to squeeze one more goal in, with two minutes left in the third period winning the game 3-2. It felt good, but Sid knew that it was going to feel even better very soon.

Just as they got to the rover, they turned at the sound of someone shouting Sid's name. James was jogging over to them, carrying something in his right hand. When he got to them, he grinned and looked at each one in turn. "Hey Diana! Sid the guys and I got something for you and Diana. We hope you guys will like it. I wanted to give it to you now, but don't open it until you get home okay?"

He handed Sid the wrapped box, then smiled said his goodbyes and jogged back to his car. Diana looked at the gift then up at Sid who shrugged and smiled. "I don't have a clue!" He said laughing. They got into the rover and headed for home. On the ride to their house, they talked about the next few days and then discussed their summer plans. Everything was so good at that moment, it seemed nothing could dampen their spirits. It was a great feeling.

Later, they sat in the living room wondering what was in the box that James had handed to them. Finally Sid picked it up and looked at Diana. "Well I guess we should just open it." He said with a laugh. Diana nodded as he started to peel off the paper. Once the wrapping paper was off, he slowly opened the top of the box...and pulled out the little ornament inside.

It was a Porcelain Penguin statuette. On the base, the words 'World's Greatest Parents'. Sid looked up at Diana and saw the tears starting to well up in her eyes. He put the gift down and pulled her into his arms. She laid her head against his shoulder a tear dripping from her cheek and creating a wet spot on his shirt. Sid silently massaged her back as she wept.

"Are you alright Diana? What is it?" He placed a finger under her chin and turned her face to look up at him.

"Yes. I'm just so overwhelmed. This is the most beautiful gift I've been given. They are so sweet to do this for us. I love those guys." She sighed and wiped the tears from her cheeks. She felt silly for crying, but she couldn't help it. What the boys had done was so sweet.

Sid nodded and looked down at the ornament. "Yes it is. I love them too. I feel lucky to be able to play hockey with those guys. They always make things fun and interesting. They are all great men."

Just then Sid's phone rang. Looking at the number he saw that it was James. Answering it, he put in on speaker. "Hey Nealer, what's up?"

"Did you guys open it yet?" There was a hint of excitement in his voice. Sid smiled and looked at Diana.

"Yes, Nealer we did. It's beautiful. That's very sweet of you guys to do that for us. We love it. Thank you so much!" Diana responded smiling back at Sid.

"Awesome! Glad you guys like it. And you're welcome, you two are worth it. Besides we all think you guys are going to make awesome parents! I just wanted to check up and all that good stuff!"

"Thanks Nealer! Have a good night okay? We'll see you soon." Diana laid back against Sid as he wrapped his arm around her again.

"Bonne nuit!" With that, James hung up. Sid sat the phone down beside him and kissed Diana's forehead. 

Diana had decided to place the ornament on the shelf near the TV in the living room, so that visitors would be able to see it. After eating a quick supper, they headed to bed. The next few days were going to be busy. It was an exciting time for them. 

Sid put his arm around her as she curled up against him, pulling her closer. He could smell her perfume, and inhaled softly. God he loved her scent. Kissing the top of her head, he gave her a little squeeze. He loved how she fit into his arms so perfectly, as though she was made to be there. Diana kissed his neck, then nuzzled into the curve where his neck met his shoulder. They fell asleep wrapped in each others arms, happy and secure in their love.

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