Friday, March 11, 2011

Chapter Ten

Jordan walked to the end of the hallway and peered around the corner. Looking back, he nodded that the coast was clear. No one was around. He jogged back to where Diana was standing and smiled down at her. "Are you sure this isn't going to take long? I don't know how  long I'm going to be able to hold off anyone."

"Trust me Staalsy, this won't take long. It'll be quick I promise. Just try to stall anyone if they try to come in okay?" Diana winked and walked past him toward the locker room.

She quietly slipped inside, knowing that Sidney would be alone. She tiptoed towards the showers, hearing the water running. Everyone had been gone for a while after the practice, but Sid had stayed later to chat with some fans and sign autographs. Diana leaned against the wall, watching Sid finish shaving. When he turned, he nearly jumped.

"Jesus Diana! Don't sneak up on me like that! What are you doing here?" Sid placed his razor back on the board and stood in front of her, a towel wrapped around his waist.

Diana's eyes swept down his body, as she licked her lips hungrily. Finally she met Sid's curious gaze. "I have always had this fantasy. so I decided since you were alone, it's time to fulfill it."

Raising an eyebrow, Sid crossed his arms over his chest and studied her face. Unsure of what she meant, but getting the feeling it was naughty, he stayed silent waiting for her to explain. Diana smiled and stepped closer to him, a sultry look appearing on her face. She bit her bottom lip, as she reach out and snatched the towel from his waist leaving him naked in front of her.

Sid uncrossed his arms and pulled her against him. He slid his hand underneath her skirt, and noticed she wasn't wearing anything under it. His mouth widened into a grin as he finally realized what she was planning. He bent his head down and thrust his tongue into her mouth, causing her to groan and press against his now fully aroused cock. His kiss was hard and rough. It took her breath away as she reached up and put her arms around his neck.

Reaching around her, he grabbed her ass in his hands and lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her over to the bench, then set her on her feet. Diana stood there watching him, waiting to see what he planned to do. He took her by the shoulders and spun her around to face away from him. Then he pushed her onto the bench, kneeling on it with her legs spread and her hands pressed against the wall.

He then stood behind her, placing one hand on her shoulder and flipping her skirt up revealing her tight round ass. Suddenly he thrust his cock deep inside her, making her gasp. His grip on her shoulder tighten as he fucked her hard and fast. Slamming into her like a charging bull. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, muffling her groans as much as she could.

Sidney grunted as he pounded his cock deep inside her womanhood, causing her juices to gush down his cock. "Fuck! God Diana!!" He moaned, closing his eyes, his other hand holding on to her hip. He let go of her shoulder and grabbed her hips tightly as he explode in orgasm inside her. "FUCK!" He groaned again. He stumbled backward, almost losing his balance. She stood up and turned to face him, fixing her skirt.

"God Damn it! That was fucking good!" Sid gasped, trying to get air into his lungs. Diana followed him over to the sink as he washed himself off, then picked up his towel to dry himself again. He then turned to her, grabbing the back of her neck and kissing her roughly. She smacked his ass, then turned and walked out of the locker room. She smiled at Jordan as she passed him. "See you later Staalsy!" She purred as she walked out of the building and got into her truck.

A few seconds after Diana left, Sid came out of the locker room. Jordan stood there staring at him as he came up to him. Sid looked at him with a curious expression, his eyebrow raised.

"What the hell are you doing here Staalsy?" He asked quizzically.

"I was keeping an eye out for anyone trying to go into the locker room. Diana had asked me to stall them. What exactly were you two doing....wait never mind I don't want to know. I'm going home, see you tomorrow Sid." Jordan gave him a laugh and a smirk then headed out to his car.

Sid shook his head, then walked out to the rover and headed home. As he drove, he couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened. It was incredible, no! Phenomenal. She had been ravishing and he hadn't been able to control himself. He had become an animal and truth be told, he liked it. God the things that girl did to him! Smiling, he replayed the memory in his head over and over. He couldn't wait to get home, so they could continue what they'd started. He planned to make love to her all night, and in every room in the house. Diana was going to be begging for more and they both would enjoy every second of it.

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